1. The Referee Council will be responsible for organizing training course and refresher course.
  2. The Referee Council will be responsible for the examination of Referee Officials and their deployment at Hong Kong Karatedo Federation events.
  3. The Referee Council will be responsible for resolving the written complaints received by the Chairman.
  4. If there is any amendment of the Competition Rule, The Referee Council will arrange refresher course in order to keep the members up to date.
  5. The Referee Council will be responsible for the assessment of application/recommendation of well-performed qualified Referee(s) to attend AKF/WKF Refereeing and Judging courses and examinations.
  6. For special case, a special meeting for decision will be arranged after the tournament.

Course Content

  1. Training course has two sections, theory and practical section. At the conclusion of the course, there will be an examination for each section.
  2. The Referee Council shall have the power to re-examine such near failed candidates as they may feel to merit a second opportunity.
  3. The Kumite practical examination will take the form of observation of a candidate whilst such attempts to work in an actual bout.
  4. All candidates must complete the whole course in order to sit for examinations.

Qualifications Conferred

  1. For ensure the standard and qualification of the Refereeing official, every Referee must serve at least two tournaments organized by Hong Kong Karatedo Federation per year in order to maintain their qualification.
  2. All qualifications at the Referee course are provisional: they are confirmed as a result of a satisfactory performance at a subsequent tournament.