KFHKC founded since 1974 and it is the only Hong Kong Government recognized Karatedo National Sport Association, KFHKC is affiliated to the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Asian Karatedo Federation and World Karatedo Federation. KFHKC is financially supported by, and, event funding received from Leisure and Cultural Services Department ( LCSD ) to organize events, such as local karatedo tournament, appointed to organize the international karatedo events and select Hong Kong Karatedo Team to participate in the International Karatedo events annually.

KFHKC is an organization dedicated to the art and sport of Karatedo. KFHKC’s office located in Olympic House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong with 174 registered dojos members From four Major style of Gojuryu, Shitoryu, Wadoryu and Shotokan.

KFHKC has a Board of Directors voted from the Dojo members in every four years, three Technical Councils appointed from the Board named as Referee Council, Coaching Council and Tournament Council.